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Occupational Risk Prevention

The service includes the preparation, implementation and monitoring and control of a specific health and safety plan for the contracted audiovisual production, applicable to locations located within the territory of Spain, in accordance with the work plan provided.

We provide Preventive Resource services, in accordance with Law 54/2003 and Royal Decree 604/2006, likewise, we have registered nurses in occupational risk prevention specialized in Occupational Health and Safety regarding the SARS-COV-2 virus (COVID-19).

Specific Preventive Activities during advertising shoots

Hiring specific preventive activities does not exempt the company from its obligation to have a valid preventive organization modality: own or third-party prevention service, designated worker.

The following specific activities will be carried out in the company:

Plan De Seguridad Y Salud Del Rodaje

Preparation of the Filming Safety and Health Plan

  • Technical visit to locations, sets, stages, venues, together with the different competing companies. Hazards and risks are identified, and protection and prevention measures to be adopted are assessed.
  • Advice and support for the preparation and realization of sequences or numbers with specific security requirements: FX, stunts, semovientes, acrobatics, aerial numbers, helicopters, in the water or proximity,….
  • Drafting of the Health and Safety Plan, collecting the identified risks and proposing the prevention and protection measures to be applied (collective and individual) in all places and jobs.
  • Design of documents for the application of permits for workers under 16 years of age, figuration companies (ETT) or sets, theaters and event rooms.
  • Updating and reviewing the Health and Safety Plan for its effective adaptation to production.
  • Regarding COVID-19, the client will be provided with a model-guide and the necessary technical advice so that they can prepare their own contingency protocol.
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Implantación Del Plan De Seguridad Y Salud

Implementation of the Health and Safety Plan

  • Assignment of functions and responsibilities for the proper functioning of the Health and Safety Plan.
  • Advice on the selection, purchase and use of collective and individual protection systems (PPE).
  • Coordination of Business Activities with suppliers and customers. Appointment of a Shooting Preventive Activities Coordinator who will carry out:
    • Exchange of information with competing companies, owners of locations, sets, public buildings;
    • Facilitate instructions for the prevention of risks derived from concurrence, as well as emergency measures;
    • Duty of vigilance: request and approval of documentation from suppliers and subcontracted companies, attendance and holding of security meetings,….
  • Information to workers who, eventually, must participate in emergency teams (evacuation and intervention).
    Issuance of work authorizations for: handling machinery, work with low voltage electrical risk, work at height, rigging, etc.
    Presence of Preventive Appeal, in accordance with Law 54/2003 and Royal Decree 604/2006, prior agreement.
  • The monitoring and control of the proposed preventive activities, with an inspection level to be agreed (according to the shooting plan, etc.).
  • Preparation of all the document models for the registration of the actions carried out: acknowledgments of receipt, parts of visits carried out, coordination minutes, etc.
  • Compilation and archiving of the generated documentation.
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Funciones Del Tecnico De PRL En Set De Rodaje

Functions of the ORP technician on the set of filming

a) Promote safe behavior and the correct use of work and protection equipment, and encourage the interest and cooperation of workers in an integrated preventive action.

b) Promote, in particular, basic preventive actions, such as order, cleanliness, signaling and general maintenance, and monitor and control them.

c) Carry out elementary risk assessments and, where appropriate, establish preventive measures of the same nature compatible with their level of training.

d) Collaborate in the evaluation and control of the general and specific risks of the company, carrying out visits for this purpose, attention to complaints and suggestions, data recording, and as many similar functions as necessary.

e) Act in case of emergency and first aid, managing the first interventions for this purpose.

f) Cooperate with prevention services, if applicable.

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