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Asesoria Laboral

Employment advice

We offer our clients a complete service, in advice and comprehensive labor management in all their audiovisual projects. We are experts in the Artist Regime and we are used to working with large volumes of eventual contracts. Our 100% digital resources facilitate management entirely online, with the consequent optimization of time. Likewise, we provide our clients with a master template with which they can develop their budgets and can contemplate in advance the personnel costs of their audiovisual productions. Within our services it is worth highlighting:

  • Hiring, payroll and settlements online.
  • Booking of Technicians in the audiovisual sector to carry out your projects.

“Spend your time directing and managing your business, we take care of everything related to the company’s work environment”

Servicios de Gestión Laboral

Labor Management Services (personnel and payroll administration)

Advice and execution in the matter of labor contracting with the condition of Authorized RED of the Code of Account of Contribution of the client.

  • Procedures before the Social Security with said condition of Authorized NETWORK (notifications of registrations, modifications and variations of data, cancellations, medical incidents due to common illness or accident, in relation to the company’s workers).
  • Procedures before the SEPE (contract communications, extensions…) through the Contrat@ telematics platform.
  • Preparation of contracts for the Company’s workers and sending them by email or electronically (esignature / biometric). Make it easy for your employees to sign any work document, from anywhere and from any device: computer, tablet or mobile. And forget about chasing them to get your signed documents back. The electronic signature is legal in Spain and in the European Union. It can be used to sign any type of contract in which a specific form requirement is not established. In the case of the digital signature of employment contracts and other HR documents, there are no restrictions that prevent their use. A digitally signed employment contract has full legal validity.
  • Preparation of payrolls.
  • Generation of transfer files for payroll payments.
  • Preparation and presentation by the Siltr@/Cret@ System (Direct Settlement System) of the periodic declarations before the Social Security (payment of social security and files of Paid Remuneration Concepts), as well as generation of the appropriate related documentation (Receipts of Settlement of Quotas, Nominal Relations of Workers -former TC2-, etc.).
  • Preparation of liquidations for termination of contracts and communication of company certificate through the Certifica2 telematic application of the SEPE page.
  • Monthly summary and AFI file for payments.
  • Simulations and calculations of compensation for termination of employment contract.
  • Response to labor management queries in relation to the Company’s labor relations.
  • Reports of labor costs, segmented by cost centers or with the configuration and structure that the client wishes.
  • Preparation and presentation, in our capacity as AEAT Collaborating Office, of tax obligations of a labor nature (forms 111 and 190), as well as completion of wage garnishment orders received from said body.
  • Preparation of the file with the accounting entries to be made derived from the monthly payroll.

“Spend your time directing and managing your business, we take care of everything related to the company’s work environment”

Asesoramiento jurídico laboral

Labor legal advice

This service includes customer queries regarding working conditions, substantial modification of the same, penalty regime, leave of absence, reductions in working hours and other similar ones that may be generated by the day-to-day activity and the legal labor relationship between employees. and the company.

  • This advisory legal advice will be carried out by phone or by email as soon as possible and, if necessary, a personal meeting may be scheduled to better understand the situation or if its complexity requires it. The service can include simple writings made on behalf of the company for communication with employees, such as warning letters and/or responses to formal requests for reduced working hours, leave of absence, etc.; unless, due to the complexity of the file, it requires an exhaustive analysis and a greater investment of time, or requires the signature of the lawyers who provide the service acting on behalf of and in defense of the company, situations that will be warned to the client at all times. case.
  • Secondly, labor legal advice includes all contentious advice and defense services and representation of the Company in all types of legal proceedings in the labor field, as well as in administrative files that concern the Company and that may be initiated by any administrative authority in the labor field (Labor Inspectorate, Treasury Inspection in relation to taxes related to said labor field, Provincial Directorates of the National Institute of Social Security and the General Treasury of Social Security, Labor Arbitration Juries, etc. .).
  • This contentious legal advice service includes, of course, both consultations and assistance related to decision-making in matters of sanctions or dismissals, as well as assistance, defense and representation of the Company in legal proceedings arising from as many lawsuits and claims are raised by the workers of the Company or, where appropriate, by its collective representation bodies.
  • Contentious legal advice includes all the activity of monitoring and intervention in the judicial process, from the previous situation of administrative conciliation before the SMAC or the promotion of preparatory acts before the labor jurisdiction, until the moment in which a final judgment is issued in said procedure, including the corresponding appeals and challenges before higher judicial instances.
  • For the provision of the services contained in labor and litigation legal advice, it will be necessary to grant, in favor of the legal staff of our firm, the appropriate general power of attorney for lawsuits by the client company.

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